Registration with the KZN Bee Farmers Association


The KZNBFA is a non-profit organisation whose primary aim is to encourage the scientific advancement of apiculture and pollination.

Members receive KZNBFA newsletters. These provide information on local bee-farming news, give notice of social get-togethers and practical bee days as well as publishing articles of interest on a number of bee related topics.

Should you wish to become a member, please complete the form below and forward it with your subscription to the Secretary.

( If under 18 years of age please give date of birth )



Application for SABIO Membership

Primary Member: a registered beekeeper; Affiliated Association Member: a Beekeeping Association or any Bee Industry Related Organisation; Ancillary Member: any other person or body interested in apiculture.



Registration with DAFF as a Beekeeper



In terms of Control Measure R858 published on the 15 November 2013 all beekeepers and bee removal service providers must register annually with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF). The requisite form is available on this page. Once completed the forms must be sent through to DAFF either by post or electronically to the addresses provided. Registration of beekeepers is no longer the responsibility of SABIO; please do not send your Registration Forms to SABIO. Registration forms must be sent directly to DAFF.