Why should the farmers who require pollination pay for bees to be brought onto the crop requiring pollination, after all the beekeeper gets the honey  right .  WRONG . This is far from the truth.

If pollination is done correctly and the correct number of hives are brought in to pollinate a crop , the area is generally overloaded with bees , so as to maximise the fruit set for the particular crop. Therefore no excess honey is produced. Some plants also produce more pollen than nectar.

Beekeepers that bring hives in for pollination have to ensure that the standard of bees inside the hive is suitable to be able to handle the stresses that the bees are put through and mortality is a factor that beekeepers have to take into account. Travel costs as well as labour is, as we all know expensive and some swarms either die or swarm off to somewhere less overcrowded.

Colonies also go down in condition and honey production is severely affected even after the bees have been moved on to more suitable areas.

It is a well known documented fact, that bees increase crop production, which then gives you the farmer more money in your pocket.


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