Welcome to the Kwazulu-Natal Bee Farmers Association website. Please feel free to browse around, and contact us should you require any information or assistance.

New beekeepers or persons interested in Beekeeping in the KZN region are encouraged to join our Association and attend Field Days where all aspects of practical beekeeping can be experienced and learnt by the novice beekeeper.

Promoting and advancing the science of apiculture.
Establishing and maintaining competency and professional conduct
amongst its members.
Stimulating and assisting in the establishment and maintenance of educational and training facilities in all aspects of apiculture.
Entering into affiliation with other associations having similar aims and comparable constitutions.
To promote the interests of the beekeeping fraternity for the mutual benefit of all.
Accepting donations, raising moneys and undertaking investments to assist the association in achieving its objectives.
To render assistance to agriculture where ever possible.
Doing all such other things, within the confines of the law, as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of its objectives.

To encourage the improvement and advancement of Apiculture within KwaZulu/Natal by actively promoting the exchange of ideas between members, interested parties and other regional Bee-Farmers’ Associations.
To actively assist emerging bee-farmers to establish and expand their operations by becoming involved in a mentoring process.
To promote and safeguard the interests of bee-farmers in general by ensuring that honey and hive products and their derivatives comply with standards established by government and through exhibiting and judging at agricultural shows and other internationally recognised bodies.
To co-ordinate the marketing of honey products, on behalf of members of the Association, through the Royal Agricultural Society’s Honey Hall.

Training Courses in Beekeeping
For information on Training Courses on Beekeeping contact the association.
Dates and times vary for the courses, look under “events” for upcoming courses.


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